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2022 / 02 / 21 | "...the ability to ask the right questions is probably the greatest talent one can have."

The Upright Thinker (Leonard Mlodinow, 2015)

... One of Köhler's experiments was especially telling. He nailed a banana to the ceiling and noted that the chimpanzees could learn to stack boxes in order to climb up and get it, but they seemed to have no knowledge pf the forces involved. For example, they would sometimes try to stack a box on its edge, or, if stones were placed on the floor so that the boxes toppled over, they would not think to remove the stones.

In tan updated version of the experiment, chimps and human children, aged three to five, were taught to stack L-shaped blocks to obtain a reward. Then weighted blocks were surreptitiously substituted for the originals; these toppled over when the chimps and children tried to stack them. The chimps persisted for a while, employing trial and error in failed attempts to earn the rewards--but they did not pause to examine the off-balance blocks. The human children also failed the revised task (it wasn't actually achievable), but they did not simply give up. They examined the blocks in an attempt to determine what the problem was. From an early age, we humans seek answers; we seek a theoretical understanding of our environment; we ask the question "Why?"

2020 / 12 / 08 | It's hard not to be romantic about biology

2020 / 11 / 23 | Classic revisited the classic

Hats off to Dr. Konishi
How the Owl Tracks Its Prey?

2020 / 08 / 20 | Why should we care about brains in the first place?

“The reason why it was so terrifying to discover a tumor in Bob’s brain is not just it might kill him…a heart problem could kill you too. It could also be life-threatening but it wouldn’t threaten you IDENTITY”

“The thing about the brain is this is where the mind lives. This is who we are. So surgeons do heart transplants they don’t do brain transplants and that’s not because heart transplants are easier… (that’s because) brain transplants don’t make any sense!…Again it is because the brain is who we are.”

“that’s why I study the human brain. I want to know what is this physical thing that is me. I mean maybe some of the stuff we do will eventually be medically useful. I hope so. That would be awesome but that’s not really my immediate goal. My immediate goal is to understand who we are as human beings."

2018 / 10 / 11 | Haruki Murakami on the writing life and the joys of mundane

"You wait for the right moment, and it will come to you. You need confidence that you will get an idea. And I have confidence because I have been writing for almost 40 years, and I know how to do it."